ZhuZhou GuangYuan Cemented Material Co., Ltd  is located at Zhuzhou city which is the industrial base in China of cemented carbide and its raw materials.
     With the spirit of "First Quality and Best Reputation” and based on the advanced equipments and technologies, our company is ...
  Hardface Material Series:                       Metal carbides Series:
Crystalline Tungsten Powder                            chromium carbide powder  
Crystalline Tungsten Carbide Powder                 titanium carbide powder    
Tungsten Powder for spray                               tantalum carbide powder     
painting molybdenum powder                           niobium carbide powder    
Cast tungsten carbide powder                           vanadium carbide powder
Cemented carbide powder for hard facing           molybdenum carbide powder
...                                                                  ...
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  Crystalline Tungsten Powder        Chromium Carbide powder             Niobium carbide powder               titanium carbide powder
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